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second coming

Durham is a university town where the students always tend to originate from the upper-middle or upper class.  Around town, the students are referred to quite affectionately as ‘The Rah’s’.  Term hasn’t started back yet, so there aren’t many students around, but I did speak to Hannah and Amanda, who are studying foreign languages at [...]
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blackpool to morecambe

The love affair with Blackpool has ended, although on reasonably good terms.  A guy I met called Mike suggested I come to Morecambe, where apparently there are lots of old people.  I love old people so this sounds good.  Everywhere seems pretty quiet in Morecambe.  I hardly saw a soul on the streets when I [...]
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heaven and hell

More encounters with born again christians.  I asked what happens to the unbelievers and the street preacher said ‘I believe there is a glorious heaven.  But there is also a hell, I’m afraid.’  I’d say that works for Blackpool too.  I’m loving it so far, but tonight I’m heading out in the rain to sample [...]
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I haven’t been born again or anything but I have had the odd revelation here.  Yesterday seems like such a long time ago. Stoke-on-Trent is a nice town.  The area is known locally as the Potteries, and there is a lovely dialect, where people say ‘duck’ and ‘shug’ rather than ‘love’ or ‘dear’.  It is [...]
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memory lane

I moved on from the Lizard to a town I know quite well – it seemed right to go to Newquay because I lived there for a few months on a few occasions when I was 18 and 19.  I worked in a fish and chip shop with a friend one summer, and sold our [...]
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northampton – famous for shoes

…but there aren’t any shoes made here now.  We used to come drinking here when we were underage and it seems that things haven’t moved on a lot from those Snakebite & Black days.  Northampton is quite rough, and you’ve a good chance of getting involved in a fight if you look at someone wrong, [...]
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