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what I ate

Still waiting to adventure out again next week.  Meanwhile here’s some of the food I ate on the trip so far.  I was mostly trying to eat for under a tenner a day.  Finding something healthy to eat on a budget was very difficult. From my experience, I would go so far as to suggest [...]
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buses and buxton

Yesterday Pauline and Alan said I should go to Buxton next, so that’s what I did.  I took a bus from Stoke to Leek, where I had to wait for the next bus so I went for pie, peas and gravy at a cafe.  A crooked old man shuffled in alone and ordered a cup [...]
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most southerly

I was given a lift through the dead of night to Lizard village and woke up to discover we were right next to the sea.  I didn’t discover what lizards have to do with it, but it is really beautiful.  This is the most southerly place in England. Cornwall is infamous in the UK because [...]
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ravensthorpe, northampton

You don’t need much time to explore Ravensthorpe village.  It’s basically small and pretty.  It has a reservoir where people fish, a post office where people get their pensions, a church for whatever, a pub where people drink (‘Still £2 a pint!’ it says outside The Chequers), a playing field with a massive concrete tube [...]
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