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second coming

Durham is a university town where the students always tend to originate from the upper-middle or upper class.  Around town, the students are referred to quite affectionately as ‘The Rah’s’.  Term hasn’t started back yet, so there aren’t many students around, but I did speak to Hannah and Amanda, who are studying foreign languages at [...]
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queen and country

I got a bus early from Carlisle to visit Hadrian’s Wall.  A man called David gave me an extensive commentary the whole way on the Romans and the forts and the wall.  He comes from Milton Keynes every month and walks a stretch so he knows what he’s talking about.   Apparently Birdoswald, where I [...]
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After chatting to some lovely old people in Morecambe, who said the classics like ‘It’s not like it was in my day’ and ‘Young people today don’t know they’re born’ I got the bus to Windermere in the Lake District.  Another beautiful place, but for some reason a lot of things were annoying me, like [...]
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pretty nice

Pretty pretty Buxton.  It was nice.  I’ve been reading a book called Watching the English by Kate Fox where she talks about our love of the word ‘nice’ – it suits our moderate approach to most things, she says.  Possibly true.  The chapter I’m reading at the moment is about pets  It’s worth reproducing this [...]
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buses and buxton

Yesterday Pauline and Alan said I should go to Buxton next, so that’s what I did.  I took a bus from Stoke to Leek, where I had to wait for the next bus so I went for pie, peas and gravy at a cafe.  A crooked old man shuffled in alone and ordered a cup [...]
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most southerly

I was given a lift through the dead of night to Lizard village and woke up to discover we were right next to the sea.  I didn’t discover what lizards have to do with it, but it is really beautiful.  This is the most southerly place in England. Cornwall is infamous in the UK because [...]
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ravensthorpe, northampton

You don’t need much time to explore Ravensthorpe village.  It’s basically small and pretty.  It has a reservoir where people fish, a post office where people get their pensions, a church for whatever, a pub where people drink (‘Still £2 a pint!’ it says outside The Chequers), a playing field with a massive concrete tube [...]
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