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After being looked after at my sister’s house I was dropped off by the river to walk a stretch into Newcastle city centre.  There were loads of brightly coloured huts on a ledge above the river, used for housing pigeons.  I found John there.  John has been made redundant after working for 41 years.  He [...]
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pretty nice

Pretty pretty Buxton.  It was nice.  I’ve been reading a book called Watching the English by Kate Fox where she talks about our love of the word ‘nice’ – it suits our moderate approach to most things, she says.  Possibly true.  The chapter I’m reading at the moment is about pets  It’s worth reproducing this [...]
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From Bath it has been home to London, for commercial reasons (meaning I’m absolutely skint and was offered some work).  Bath is a lovely place, but I found it uninspiring.  I am definitely drawn to the grittier, more difficult places and encounters, rather than the nice, gentle ones.  I don’t have a desire to photograph [...]
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