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second coming

Durham is a university town where the students always tend to originate from the upper-middle or upper class.  Around town, the students are referred to quite affectionately as ‘The Rah’s’.  Term hasn’t started back yet, so there aren’t many students around, but I did speak to Hannah and Amanda, who are studying foreign languages at [...]
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After being looked after at my sister’s house I was dropped off by the river to walk a stretch into Newcastle city centre.  There were loads of brightly coloured huts on a ledge above the river, used for housing pigeons.  I found John there.  John has been made redundant after working for 41 years.  He [...]
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A lady in the next village from mine when I was younger had a stocky grey pony called Hartlepool who pulled a cart around the countryside, and ever since I’ve liked the name.   So Hartlepool became the next destination.  The excellent and cheap Grand Central train line runs through it direct from London, and [...]
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blackpool to morecambe

The love affair with Blackpool has ended, although on reasonably good terms.  A guy I met called Mike suggested I come to Morecambe, where apparently there are lots of old people.  I love old people so this sounds good.  Everywhere seems pretty quiet in Morecambe.  I hardly saw a soul on the streets when I [...]
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heaven and hell

More encounters with born again christians.  I asked what happens to the unbelievers and the street preacher said ‘I believe there is a glorious heaven.  But there is also a hell, I’m afraid.’  I’d say that works for Blackpool too.  I’m loving it so far, but tonight I’m heading out in the rain to sample [...]
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pretty nice

Pretty pretty Buxton.  It was nice.  I’ve been reading a book called Watching the English by Kate Fox where she talks about our love of the word ‘nice’ – it suits our moderate approach to most things, she says.  Possibly true.  The chapter I’m reading at the moment is about pets  It’s worth reproducing this [...]
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born again

To leave London randomly I decided to go to Victoria Coach Station and take the first National Express bus out of there in classic road trip style.  It transpires all the buses go at the same time, so my dream of not having to decide anything was thwarted!  The ticket man was a bit confused [...]
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London is hard to leave.  There’s always tomorrow. Here’s another collection of photographs from the trip…. Bath, Monday 9th August 2010 Lindsay and Isla, Bath, Tuesday 10th August 2010 From the bus between St Austell and Newquay, Thursday 5th August 2010 Grosvenor Centre exit, Northampton, Monday 2nd August 2010 Field overlooking the reservoir, Ravensthorpe, Northampton, [...]
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From Bath it has been home to London, for commercial reasons (meaning I’m absolutely skint and was offered some work).  Bath is a lovely place, but I found it uninspiring.  I am definitely drawn to the grittier, more difficult places and encounters, rather than the nice, gentle ones.  I don’t have a desire to photograph [...]
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not all bad

There are some nice things about Newquay too.  (Easier to say and see now that I have left).  The guy in the final picture kindly gave me a lift out of town on Sunday, and I’m now residing in genteel Bath with some friends.  It felt like I had spent weeks in the wilderness, but [...]
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