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A lady in the next village from mine when I was younger had a stocky grey pony called Hartlepool who pulled a cart around the countryside, and ever since I’ve liked the name.   So Hartlepool became the next destination.  The excellent and cheap Grand Central train line runs through it direct from London, and [...]
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queen and country

I got a bus early from Carlisle to visit Hadrian’s Wall.  A man called David gave me an extensive commentary the whole way on the Romans and the forts and the wall.  He comes from Milton Keynes every month and walks a stretch so he knows what he’s talking about.   Apparently Birdoswald, where I [...]
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ravensthorpe, northampton

You don’t need much time to explore Ravensthorpe village.  It’s basically small and pretty.  It has a reservoir where people fish, a post office where people get their pensions, a church for whatever, a pub where people drink (‘Still £2 a pint!’ it says outside The Chequers), a playing field with a massive concrete tube [...]
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